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Brand identity- GOTYA


Gotya is an online therapy services provider founded by a group of motivated ex-pats (therapists and business professionals) who provide mental health services such as psychotherapy, mindfulness meditations, and yoga workshops without the burden of inaccessible price points and long waiting lists.

Gotya’s goal is to make mental health services more affordable and accessible for everyone in the community, no matter their background or financial situation.


✨ Competitor analysis

✨ Customer Journey

✨ Buyer persona creation

✨ Brand identity (logo design, mood board, color palette, typography, brand elements, brand kit guidelines)

✨ SWOT analysis

✨ Content Strategy

✨ Website optimization

✨ Content planning

✨ Content Creation

✨ Social media management

Brand identity of GOTYA

gotya logos
gotya typography
gotya color palette
gotya favicon

IG grid design

gotya instagram grid

IG post examples

gotya posts instagram
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